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19 years and 10 months ....

So excited to receive from very long time colleague, Srinivasa Chary, ASCI, a photo from Delhi of the launch of CPHEEO's 24x7 Guidelines.

Which, just happens to be 19 years and 10 months - call it 20 years, why not?! - since we presented at the 2002 Change Management Forum Study Tour in Bangalore the target for water supply to be '24x7 water' .... as a more attractive, and motivating?, target than saying 'continuous water' .... India's cities being plagued by intermittent supply. Or rather India's low-income consumers being plagued/very inconvenienced by intermittent supply. Richer households, of course, have their ground level tanks and pumps and household water treatment systems, whether filters or mini-RO facilities.

Over the years, Chary has supported the then Mayor of Ramagundam - '24/7 is my vision' as he started to deliver continuous water supply in his town .... a success we documented before he lost a succeeding election and the next mayor lost interest.

Chary also supporting World Bank's WSP workshop on 24x7 and then of course came the Karnataka three towns project through Veolia, funded by World Bank and the State Government, which has continued to successfully deliver 24x7 water ... but still only to the original segments of those towns - as documented with Anand Jalakam in the WSP 2010 report '24x7 Water Supply is Achievable.'

And now, following the renewal of the concept by Odisha Chief Minister's 'Drink from Tap' mission, under the leadership of Dr. M. Dhinadhayalan, Adviser (PHEE), CPHEEO has revised their technical guidelines and under AMRUT 2.0 there is funding to extend this approach across major towns cities in India.

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