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2050 Innovation Strategy

Innovation in England and Wales as well as in India:

"In 2020, all 19 UK water and wastewater companies published the UK 2050 Water Innovation Strategy. This was the first time the sector had outlined its vision for collectively delivering transformative innovation.”

“One of the core ideas in the strategy was to create a Centre of Excellence. This idea became ‘Spring’ in July 2021.”

“‘Spring’ will help deliver the strategy through its core services, particularly those which are directly linked to making the most opportunities the sector identified.”

“The Water Sector’s Vision: To create open collaboration opportunities across the water sector to drive transformational change through innovation that delivers greater value for customers and the environment.”

Excellent to see that innovation has to deliver greater value for customers .... customers not featuring very highly in India's CPHEEO Guidelines ... though all credit to Odisha for describing how 'the objective of creating the corporate entity (WATCO) is to encourage corporate governance & efficiency, functional autonomy and customer centric service culture in the Water Supply Service Delivery.'

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