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CapManEx lives!!!

Having been one of many in introducing the Ofwat inspired terminology of opex and capex etc to the global water sector I had coined ‘CapManEx’ to emphasise in global WASH the imperative of capital maintenance. Then I tried to introduce it to the B&MGF funded IRC WashCost project as a unique marker which could be tracked online as part of the evaluation process for WashCost. That did not get taken up but Capmanex is gradually being absorbed into common usage amongst us (not nearly as spectacularly as the ‘24/7’ labelling of continuous water supply!) and so pleased to see it now in a World Bank document: Better Use of Capital to Deliver Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Services Practical Examples and Suggested Next Steps, Bill Kingdom, David Lloyd-Owen, Sophie Trémolet, Sam Kayaga, and John Ikeda, World Bank 2018

Thanks Sam!

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