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ClariWash Self-washing Filtration System

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

In my new role as a Trustee of Christian Engineers in Development I have enjoyed learning more about the work of CED. I had attended the initial meeting of the group held in the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1984 but life and work never quite seemed to give space to be involved further until now.

They have significant programmes assisting rural hospitals with small hydro schemes for power and also water supply for the institution and staff housing.

One approach being introduced to ensure clean water is "The ClariWash Self-washing Filtration System provides centralized water treatment for use in development or disaster response. It is comprised of a self-washing clarifier and filter system to purify water and provide centralized treatment to communities. A single modular unit can provide water treatment for 1300 people at 15 L/person/day. The system is replicable and scalable and requires no power supply to operate."

More information from or listen to one of CED's Tech Talks: 26th January 2022 In the third of our 2021-22 series of Tech Talks Nigel Heeler (ex-Thames Water), the inventor of the Clariwash filtration system, talks about his design.

I thought I would add in a domestic scale sand filter we built many years back for a clinic in South Sudan with adjoining (large!) rainwater harvest tanks, with upward flow backwashing but not automatic like Nigel Heeler's and without automatic chlorination also (we used tablets for dosing).

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