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Guidelines for 24x7 Water Supply Systems

Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Government of lndia, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs writes in the Preface: 'Considering the importance and benefits of 24x7 water supply, it is absolute necessity to transit from intermittent to continuous 24x7 water supply systems which will not only improve overall service delivery standards like coverage, quantity, quality, reduction of NRW, revenue collection, PPP funding etc. but also will improve the quality of life of urban citizens.

I am sure, the guidelines will encourage and empower the State PHEDs/ Water Boards/ Jal Nigams/ Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to suitably use them for effective planning, design and implementation of 24x7 water supply projects.'

And D. Thara, IAS, Additional Secretary, Government of lndia, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs writes that '24x7 water supply with 'Drink from tap' facility is one of the admissible components in all 500 AMRUT Cities under AMRUT 2.0 and these projects should cover at least one ward or DMA with at least 2000 households in the contiguous manner.

Projects costing up to 20% of the project fund allocation for water supply projects in AMRUT cities may be taken up for 24x7 water supply. Additional funding for such projects will be admissible in form of reform incentive.

To achieve these objectives, there is a need to shift from intermitted water supply system to continuous 24x7 Water Supply Systems. Continuous pressurised water supply system is the solution for achieving improved service levels in the water supply like improving deteriorating water quality, reduction in leakage and control of NRW, financial stability, ensuring equitable water supply, consumer satisfaction etc.

I hope it will prove useful to all states/cities to achieve and step by step upgrade their existing intermittent water supply system into 24x7 continuous water supply systems reaping all its benefits.'

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