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Institutional journeys ....

For the programme in Odisha, which is doing so spectacularly well in implementing 24/7 100% connections for all water supply, I had put together (animated in the PPT - fun I like to think!) a 'picture' of an 'Institutional journey' .... trying to give a sense of what happens in reality, learning from all the utilities I've had the pleasure to interact with.

But of course others have had similar ideas over the years, with different emphases and ways of communicating. I really like the 2016 Financing Options for the 2030 Water Agenda (World Bank, 2016) diagram which is so sophisticated and captures so many issues in its bar chart.

Using it in teaching with a group of middle managers in one utility it took a surprising amount of time to help folk understand it all .... and which they found a bit too much in the context of a very challenged utility, wanting more immediate solutions to their daily urgent challenges ......

A more recent one for me to come across, though from 2018 so my miss, is more similar to my 2020 attempt, it has the 'stuck' place as well though with its axes representing Credibility and Performance efficiency it is describing slightly different aspects of the journey of Turning around a Water Utility (World Bank, 2018)

My diagram having performance efficiency/inputs on the Y axis, time on the X axis. When showing it to a thinktank audience one person commented 'you mean it gets steeper and there is no resting point, even as you perform better?' Indeed.

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