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IWA Regulating CWIS at FSM 6

The software I use reminds me, for each and every blog post, to have a 'catchy title'. Hhmm - not convinced I've managed it with this title :).

Anyway, IWA was asked to contribute to the Faecal Sludge Management Conference #6 to which we addressed 'Regulating FSM through Roles and Responsibilities, Regulations and Standards.

In this we were grouped together with some excellent colleagues looking at, and assisting with the development of, FSM standards in Senegal. We gave the lead-off intro to the topic, emphasising the role that regulating can play in the context of actually delivering FSM at the appropriate standards, then the GGGI colleagues explained their interests and role.

For the IWA main session, we decided to avoid yet another online PPT and have a discussion, between me and Kariuki Mugo, Director of WASH Sector Support at WSUP.

It was fun! We seemed to enjoy ourselves and the chat comments were stimulating. And thanks to the CGGGI colleague who took screen shots of us 'performing' - I tried to choose the shot where neither of us had blinked our eyes shut at the wrong moment - though I think I have been more generous to myself than to Mugo :( .

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