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Now that's what's called the circular economy ...

Final post from Faroe Islands, the view from the top of Klakkur hill is spectacular in all directions but in one direction you can see a small hydro-electric system.

We were told it does not power the town but rather the the salmon hatchery ('the largest in ... world?/Europe?/Faroes?!), that is the black building which is just visible at sea level on the left of the photo for the fresh-water rearing with the sea-water cages taking the year-old fish ... until they reach 'havestable size' visible in the foreground.

And our cruise ship on the right representing the market for the salmon perhaps?! But we are assured the fish have to go to 'processing plant' before getting back to consumers. And we trust that the wastewater processing plant on the ship does not complete the circular transfer of energy and nutrients back to the sea cages. Pleased to report that sludge tankers are a regular visitor to the cruise ships we have been on :)

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