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Project development takes how long??

Interesting to see the news about the Kigali sewerage and wastewater treatment scheme and, at last, the likely start of construction in 2020.

If I've got the details correctly, the Feasibility and Design Phase had included a 2010 ‘Stage1 Report’, following on from SGIs 2009 report which led to Mott MacDonald’s 2012 Design and then the 2015-2016 Feasibility Analysis for EIB, which I was involved in through Atkins. This eventually, it seems, resulted in the 2018 confirmation of EIB funding along with other funding and now at last, all being well, ten years on, construction.

The ‘fun’ will start of course when it gets to the stage of business and household connections to the new sewerage but as this phase is mainly focused on the central business district and more expensive housing (or at least it was when I was last involved) it is likely to be more straightforward than the Lusaka challenges in Mtendere.

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