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Regulating – what are others saying?

Three important background documents for the Regulating discussion paper:

a) Esther’s very informative paper for GIZ looking at water services in Kenya (along with the other papers in the combined document explaining GIZ’s overall support to the Kenya WASH sector over a number of years – very impressive). Noting with understanding, a little amusement, and trying not to take it too personally. her comment about customer representatives: 'All too often, national level representation attracts members (e.g. university professors) that may be very knowledgeable, but lack first-hand experience with circumstances and concerns of the average LIA resident-consumer.' Indeed.Gerlach, E., Schäfer, D. and Werchota R. (2019) Impact and limitations of water services regulation, Reforming Kenya’s water sector - Paper 3 and Scaling up pro-poor urban water services, Paper 4, GIZ, GmbH, Bonn and Eschborn, Germany

b) Zambia’s excellent regulator NWASCO and their ‘state of the art’ 2018 ‘On-site Sanitation and Faecal Sludge Management: Framework for Provision and Regulation in Zambia, April 2018, National Water Supply and Sanitation Council, Lusaka, supported by GIZ and particularly through the FSM pilots, WSUP.

c) Yogita, M., Saltiel, G., Kingdom, B., Sadik,N. and Marques, Rui. (2018) Regulation of Water Supply and Sanitation in Bank Client Countries: A Fresh Look, World Bank, Washington, DC.

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