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Utilitisation 2

Pleased to hear Marieke Adank presenting her joint paper with Rene van Lieshout, at WEDC's excellent conference, on 'Utilitisation of rural water supply: Pathways, drivers and results'.

They write: 'Apologising for the ugliness of the made-up word, Franceys (2019) introduced the concept of “utilitisation” to describe the introduction of utility managed water supply for serving rural areas. We have observed three main pathways for this: 1) Expansion of single town, regional or national utilities into rural areas through expansion of the physical water supply scheme and management responsibilities; 2) Service delivery model change, with a regional, national or a dedicated rural utility taking over management of existing schemes,

which used to be managed under other (often community or municipal managed) service delivery models; 3) Establishment of utilities to manage newly constructed rural schemes, either rural utilities serving multiple rural communities, or privately-owned and operated water schemes, serving a single or small number of rural communities.'

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