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WATCO wins!

Pleased to report that Principal Secretary Mathi Vathanan, Chair of WATCO, Odisha, India has won 'Distinction' for 'Setting the benchmark for Indian water' in the annual Global Water Intelligence 'Water Leaders Awards' presentation in Madrid.

I've written earlier about the impressive work of WATCO in delivering 24/7 'Drink from Tap' water to the urban areas of Odisha, Puri being the first to complete 100% connections coverage with 24/7 supply. Unique in India. And we believe there will be more good news to come.

GWI has also prepared a useful overview of 'how Odisha took the lead in bringing water to homes in India' and also a summary of the 24/7 projects underway - with Odisha being the only state to date aiming at coverage of all urban areas, many of the other projects still acting as pilots with the private sector providing the technical and commercial skills, often necessary to overcome what is sometimes referred to as 'red-tapism' in India! How to overcome the bureaucracy.

But again, it is to WATCO's credit that they are delivering their 100% 24/7 schemes all through public sector management control - though private contractors of course.

Thank you GWI for recognising this development.

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