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Freetown 6 MasterClasses

After much effort by many people, the empty office on the ground floor of Guma House has been partially refurbished and launched as GVWC’s new Training Room. With the first of the MasterClasses being the opening event. Very delayed arrivals of many folk but we were able to start them off on the WaterMan simulation which, as ever, ensured nearly everyone got really involved. And brought back more people in second week to try even harder to learn how to run a water company.

Whilst the other tasks continuing, presenting the Performance Incentive Sharing Programme with Senior Management Team which was approved and passed on to one of the Executive Team to implement.

Also developing the ideas and an adapted approach for Priority Based Budgeting to be used in preparation of the formal GVWC 2020 Budget which has to be submitted to Government (GVWC being an SOE) each September.

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